Important dates February 2019

  • Day 7: Kantikipugui in the “Palau de la Música”. The students of 4th grade will do this musical activity with the Chamber Choir of the “Palau de la Música” (Palace of the Music).
  • Day 8: Informative notes of Secundary. The students will receive their informative notes of academic follow-up of the second trimester.
  • Day 12: Visit to the Biblioteca Agustí Centelles. 5th and 6th grade will visit the library that is next to the school.
  • Days 12-13: “Competencias Básicas Secundaria“. The students of 4th of ESO will perform these tests of the basic knowledge.
  • Day 15: Visit to the Residencial Center of Consell de Cent Sanitas. The students of Childhood will visit this nursing home.
  • Day 19: Visit to TMB, garage of Horta. 2nd grade students will do an excursion called “24h on bus”.
  • Day 27: Interview with the tutors. A t 17:10 we’ll have a talk in the church, in charge of the professor Noemí Martínez, called: “Familia-escuela: el tándem perfecto. Las claves del éxito a través de una perspectiva bíblica“. After that, you can find your tutors at their classrooms, where you can dialogue about the course development.