Important dates March 2019

  • Day 4. Day of free disposal. The school will not open this day.
  • Day 5. Excursion of Arts in the Rambla Catalunya. The students of 1st of ESO will draw two sculptures of Josep Granyer
  • Days 7-19: Quarterly exams. The students of Secondary Education will face this second period of quarterly exams, that have moved slightly due to the change of dates of the camps.
  • Days 18 and 25: Open day in the School (from 15:30 to 17h). The school open its doors to the families that want to visit it and know our functioning and installation.
  • Days 20-22: Camps in Vall de Núria. The students of Secondary Education will enjoy three days of ski and familiarity in the hostel Pic de l’Àliga”. These are the new dates, due to the situation that we found we the strike of the 21st of February.
  • Days 27-29: Galactic Camps. The students of 1st to 4th of Primary School will enjoy three days in La Granja, in Santa Maria de Palautordera, at the foot of Montseny.
  • Days 28-29: Little Farmers Camps. The students of P4 and P5 will enjoy two days in La Granja, in Santa Maria de Palautordera, at the foot of Montseny.
  • Day 29: The academic marks of the 2nd Trimester of Secondary School will be delivered
  • Day 29: Beginning of the pre-registration period (until 9th April)