Important dates April 2019


  • Day 3: Know how the train works from inside. The students of 3rd ESO will go to the  main place of the Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat.
  • Day 8: “Plan Maestro de Desarrollo Espiritual” Day. The students of the school will show altogether something related to the women in the Bible.
  • Until Day 9: Preincription 2019-2020. The “Departament d’Ensenyament” makes a calendar that goes from the March 29 until April 9.
  • Day 23: “Juegos Florales”. Day of literature with the delivery of the prices of Col·legi Urgell.
  • Days 24-26: “Crédito de Síntesis” at Secondary. We will do some group works to study the women of the Bible.
  • Days 25 April-3 May: Recovery test of the 2nd Evaluation. The four Secondary courses have the recovery tests corresponding to the second quarter.