Before Christmas, the whole school picked up some food to the people with more economical difficulties. We give thanks to all of you that collaborate! In total, we picked up 136,7kg of food!

Important dates of January 2019

  • Days 8-16: Recovery tests of the 1st Evaluation. The four Secondary courses have the first quarter recovery tests of the 2018-2019 academic year.
  • Day 9: The high school students visit the Music Palace of Barcelona, for the activity “Jazz en vivo”.
  • Day 17: Visit to the Biblioteca Agustí Centelles. The 1st and 2nd grade students visit the library that is next to our school.
  • Day 18: The 6th grade students visit the Music Palace of Barcelona, for the activity “Flamenkat”.
  • Day 22: Try it out:Handball. The 3rd and 4th grade students visit the CEM Mar Bella where they will participate in the activity “Prova-ho: Handbol”, organized by the Barcelona City Council.

Important dates of December 2018

  • Day 3: Workshop “Shtt”, about noise and silence, for students from P3 and P4.
  • Day 3: Workshop “Aqualogia” at school. Students from 3rd and 4th  do this activity, organized by Aigües de Barcelona.
  • Day 7: Day of free disposal. This day, the School Urgell will remain closed.
  • Days 10 and 12: Open day in the swimming pool. In these special days, Piscina Sant Jordi open the doors to see the progress of your children. You can bring your cameras. They want you to come, that’s the reason why we invite families to come.
  • Day 11: Participation in the Marató de TV3. As a workshop of plastic education, the students of Secondary School participate in the contest “Pinta la Marató de TV3”.
  • Day 11: Visit to the Christmas Fair of Sagrada Família. The students of 5th and 6th visit this traditional christmas fair.
  • Day 11: Walk through the “Barri Gòtic” (Gothic neighborhood). 2nd of ESO goes to this didactic tour through the elder neighborhood of Barcelona, and the Cathedral.
  • Day 14 : Notes of 1st Evaluation. Families get the Secondary School notes of the first trimester that correspond to the course 2018-2019.
  • Day 14: VII Sports day. Students of 4th of ESO participate in a meeting with sportive activities and cultural workshops, organized by the study center Stucom.
  • Day 14: Visit to the residences Ficus and F. Layret. Students from 1st and 2nd of Primary School visit the elder residences Ficus and Layret, and offer some Christmas songs.
  • Day 18: Scholar Council. All the members of the Scholar Council are called for the next meeting, that will take place on tuesday 18, at  17.15 h.
  • Day 20: Christmas program. The concert will start at 16.00h, where all the students will participate with representations and music to remember the sense of Christmas.
  • Day 21: Visit to the “mercat de Sta. Llúcia“. All the courses of Secondary School go to a cultural tour through the gothic neighborhood and the Christmas market called “Santa Llúcia”.
  • Day 21:Notes of 1st Evaluation. Families get the Children and Primary School notes of the first trimester that correspond to the course 2018-2019.
  • Christmas holidays. From the 22nd of December until the 7th of January, both included. The course starts again on Tuesday 8th of January.