Important dates in December 2017

  • Day 5: Participation in the Marató of TV3. As a Plastic Education workshop, ESO students participate in the “Pinta la Marató de TV3” contest.
  • Day 7: Holiday day. According to the school calendar, on Thursday, 7 December, is a holiday day.
  • Days 11 and 13: Doors open days in the pool. Families can visit the facilities of the Sant Jordi Pool and witness the activities that take place.
  • Day 13: Visit to the Gothic District. The students of 2nd ESO have planned a didactic visit to the old town, the Cathedral and the Gothic District of Barcelona.
  • Day 15: Visit to the residences Ficus and F. Layret. The 1st and 2nd Primary students visit the Ficus and F. Layret of l’Eixample residences and offer a singing of Christmas songs.
  • Day 15: VI Sports Day. The students of 4th ESO participate in a sporting and cultural event, organized by the Stucom study center.
  • Day 15: Notes of the 1st Evaluation. The families receive the notes of Compulsory Secondary Education, corresponding to the first quarter of the 2017-2018 academic year.
  • Day 17: Board of Directors. All the representatives of the Board of Directors are summoned to the next meeting that will take place on Sunday the 17th at 4:30 p.m.
  • Day 19: Christmas party. Program-concert, at 4:00 pm, where all the students participate with performances and music to remember the spirit of Christmas.
  • Day 21: Elections in the Parliament of Catalonia. Thursday, 21 December is a non-working day for school purposes, in accordance with the regulations in force regarding the election day. Therefore, the Col · legi Urgell will remain closed for the purposes of school and any ordinary extracurricular activity.
  • Day 22: Visit to the market of Santa Llúcia. ESO students make a cultural outlet to the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona and visit the Santa Llúcia market.
  • Day 22: Notes of the 1st Evaluation. On Friday, 22 December, the last day of the quarter, is a school day, families receive the grades of Infant and Primary Education, corresponding to the first quarter of the 2017-2018 academic year.
  • Days 23/12 – 07/01: Christmas holidays. The Christmas holidays are from December 23 until January 7, both inclusive. Classes begin on Monday, January 8.

Important dates in November 2017

  • Day 6: Walking doing sports. Physical Education Activity organized by the Institut Barcelona Esports and aimed at students of 4th of ESO.
  • Day 7: Visit to the Joan Maragall Museum. The students of 4th of ESO take a guided tour of the house-museum of the poet Joan Maragall.
  • Day 7: Itinerary through Collserola. The upper cycle of Primary Education carries out an itinerary of knowledge of the natural environment in the Collserola natural park.
  • Day 7: Drawing workshop in the Joan Miró Park. The students of 1st ESO make a morning outing to do a drawing workshop in the Joan Miró Park.
  • Day 14: Come to sing to the Auditorium. The students of 3rd and 4th of ESO participate in an activity that allows sharing collective musical performances in the Auditori.
  • Day 16: School Council: All representatives of the School Council are summoned to the next ordinary meeting that will take place in the teachers’ room at 17.15 h.
  • Day 17: Photo report. All students and staff of the Col·legi Urgell participate in the photographic report of the 2017-2018 academic year.
  • Day 20: Excursion to Montserrat. Orientation activity programmed by the Physical Education department. The 3rd and 4th courses of ESO participate.
  • Day 21: Visit to the Parc Nou. The 3rd and 4th Primary students take a guided tour of the Parc Nou in th Prat de Llobregat.
  • Day 21: The new technological addictions. Conference-colloquium for all the families of the Col·legi Urgell, by Diego Calvo, graduate in Theology and Psychobiology. We wait for you at 17.15.
  • Day 25: Tribute to Professor José Luis. The alumni celebrate a great end-of-course party on Saturday the 25th, at 5 pm, in the Col·legi Urgell. We wait for you all.
  • Días 23/11-4/12: Examinations of the 1st ESO Evaluation. These days the four ESO courses have the first quarter evaluation tests of the 2017-18 academic year.
  • Day 28: What makes notes stick in the fridge? The students of 1st and 2nd Primary will discover the properties of magnets in the Endesa-Educa space.

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