Importants dates of Novembre 2018

  • Day 6: Visit to the Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya. 2nd of ESO visits the National Museum (MNAC) to get some information and comment some artistic works.
  • Day 8: Vaccines. 6th grade.
  • Days 8 i 9: Medical revisions of P5, 2nd, 4th and 6th grade, and 2nd of ESO.
  • Day 13: Visit to TMB, garage of Horta. 1st goes to an excursion called “24h in bus”.
  • Day 13: Visit to TMB, garage  ofHorta. 2n goes to an excursion called “24h in bus”.
  • Day 19: Visit to the Agustí Centelles Library. P4 and P5 visit the library next to the school.
  • Day 20: Itinerary in the nature in Collserola. 5th and 6th will go to the mountain the whole day.
  • Day 20: Formative talk by Noemí Martínez. We wait for you at 17.15h at church.
  • Day 22: Visit to the Joan Maragall Museum. 4th of ESO makes a guided tour at the house-museum of the poet Joan Maragall.
  • Day 24: Act of tribute to Antonio Polo. At 18.00h, at church, we’ll do an act of recognition to the task of who has been the director of the school for 26 years.
  • Day 25: Directive council. We call all the members of the Directive council to the next meeting that will take place at 16.00 h.
  • Day 26:Visit to the Agustí Centelles Library. P3 visits the library next to the school. 
  • Days 26/11-5/12: Exams of the 1st Evaluation of ESO. These days, the four courses of ESO have the evaluative exams of the first trimester of the course 2018-19.
  • Day 27: Excursion “to know Barcelona”. The students of 3rd and 4th will make an itinerary through the city.
  • Day 27: Scholar Council. All the members  convoca a tots els membres del Consell Escolar a la propera reunió ordinària que tindrà lloc a la sala de professors a les 17.15 h.

Important dates of October 2018

  • Day 9: “The dream of Fibonacci” in CosmoCaixa. The students of 3rd and 4th Primary participate in a game inspired by the escape room that has mathematical logic as the guiding thread.
  • Day 9: Plastic workshop at the Rambla de Catalunya. The students of the 1st of ESO hold a drawing workshop about the theme of Josep Granyer’s sculptures.
  • Day 16: Itinerary in Collserola. The upper cycle of Primary Education carries out an itinerary of knowledge of the natural environment in the Collserola natural park.
  • Days 22-26: Special Week of the Bible. All Secondary courses participate in this special week in charge of Pastor Daniel Moreno.
  • Day 23: Visit to the Fire Station. The 1st and 2nd Primary students visit the facilities of the Fire Station of the Vall d’Hebrón.
  • Day 26: Information notes. The tutors and the tutors of Secondary Education deliver the partial notes of the first trimester.
  • Day 29: Visit to the Mercat del Ninot. All the students of Infantile Education have programmed a gastronomic visit to the Mercat del Ninot of Barcelona.
  • Day 29: Trip to Montseny. Orientation activity programmed by the Physical Education department. Participate: 3rd and 4th Secondary.

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