Important dates in February 2018

  • Days 6-7: Basic ESO Competencies. Application of the competence test and basic knowledge to all students of 4th year of Secondary.
  • Day 8: Visit to the Mercat del Ninot. The students of P4 visit the Mercat del Ninot as part of the POIBIN project (Project for the Prevention of Childhood Obesity) of the Agency Public Health of Barcelona.
  • Day 8: Concert at the Museum of Music. Voleu play the Gamelan? It is an experimental workshop where students of 2nd of ESO travel to the four continents through music.
  • Day 9: Informative notes of Secondary. The ESO tutors provide the second-quarter academic follow-up information notes.
  • Day 13. Green Point Sagrada Familia. The students of 3rd and 4th Primary do a recycling workshop in the facilities of the Green Point of the Sagrada Familia.
  • Day 15: Climbing Workshop. The class of 5th of primary holds a climbing workshop in the Foixarda climbing wall, in Montjuïc.
  • Day 16. Commerce in schools. The students of P-4 want to know better the environment and make a visit to the haberdashery ESMAR.
  • Day 16: Information notes. Primary tutors provide the second-quarter academic follow-up information notes.
  • Day 20: 1,2,3, health and silence. The students of 1st and 2nd Primary do the activity in the school: “1,2,3 … Health and Silence”. The objective is to identify the different types of noise pollution and their effects on people.
  • Day 21: Special program for families. At 5.15 pm, talk colloquium: “Goodness and joy: learning-service factors”, by Professor Víctor Armenteros. At 6:00 p.m. interviews with the tutors of all the courses.
  • Day 22: Health and Art Workshop. All the students in Early Childhood Education hold a health and art workshop in the Casal Urgell.
  • Day 22: Open house day. Information about the educational project and guided visit to the facilities of the Col·legi Urgell. You can visit us from 3pm to 6pm.
  • Day 23: Let’s discover the weather. The 3rd and 4th Primary students visit CosmoCaixa and hold a workshop on the different experiments that allow us to discover which are the main meteorological variables.
  • Day 26: Winter audition of the music school. Performances of the orchestra and chamber groups. We wait for you in the auditorium at 17.15 h.
  • Day 27: Visit to the Filmoteca of Catalunya. The 5th and 6th Primary students visit the Film Library where they hold the workshop “The cinema, more than an image in movement”.

Important dates in January 2018

  • Days 8-17: Recovery tests of the 1st Evaluation. The four Secondary courses have the first quarter recovery tests of the 2017-2018 academic year.
  • Day 17: Commerce and schools. The students of P5 make a didactic visit to the haberdashery ESMAR, within the program the commerce at schools.
  • Day 19: Visiting the IES Escola del Treball. The 4th ESO students visit the facilities of the IES Escola del Treball in Barcelona.
  • Day 23: Discovering the weather. The 3rd and 4th Primary students visit CosmoCaixa and hold a workshop where different experiments are carried out to discover the main meteorological variables.
  • Day 23: School Council. All representatives of the School Board are summoned to the next ordinary meeting that will take place in the teachers’ room at 17.15 h.
  • Day 25: Try it out:Handball. The 3rd grade students visit the CEM Mar Bella where they will participate in the activity “Prova-ho: Handbol”, organized by the Barcelona City Council.
  • Day 26: Commemoration of the Holocaust. Secondary students reflect on the Nazi tragedy. Acts of commemoration and didactic activities in memory of the liberation of Auschwitz.
  • Days 29/1-2/2: Week of the Bible. All the Infant and Primary courses celebrate the week of the Bible with exhibitions and special visits.

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