June 2018. Important dates.

  • Day 5: Promotion of healthy habits. The students of the initial cycle of Primary do the workshop of Eating healthy is fun, where aspects related to food and physical exercise are worked on.
  • Day 5: Visit of the Urban Guard. All the courses of Early Childhood Education hold a Road Safety workshop, in charge of the Barcelona Urban Guard.
  • Day 5: School of parents. Conference: How to help my son / daughter to be critical with what he / she sees and reads. All the families of Primary are invited to this talk-colloquium by Professor Noemí Martínez.
  • Day 6: Biathlon in the Picornell. The 6th Primary students participate in the biathlon organized by the Institut Barcelona Esports.
  • Day 7: Cantània. The students of 5th grade participate, together with other schools in Catalonia, a children’s cantata at Barcelona Auditorium.
  • Days 11 to 20: ESO exams. All secondary students will have their 2017-2018 3rd trimester tests during this days.
  • Days 11-13: Open day at the Sant Jordi Pool. Families are invited to visit the facilities of the Sant Jordi Pool where they can observe the progress of their children in swimming. The monitors of the pool will deliver the corresponding level diplomas, according to the following schedule: Infant Education, day 13 from 10.00 h. First, second and third of Primary, day 13 from 11.00 h. Those of fourth, fifth and sixth of Primary: day 11 from 16.00 h.
  • Day 11-12: Music school audition. End of the year concert. The music school students have been preparing it for you all.
  • Day 18: Primary closing ceremony . 2017-2018 year farewell party. All primary 6th grade students will participate. We expect you all there.
  • Day 19: Child education closing ceremony. 2017-2018 year farewell party for all child education students. diplomas’ delivery and a snack for everybody.
  • Days 19-21: End of year trip. The students of the 6th grade of Primary school make their end of year trip to Valencia.
  • Day 21: Itinerary in Collserola. The 1st and 2nd ESO courses make an end of year excursion in Collserola.
  • Day 21: Morning visit to Turó Park. The students of 3rd of the ESO make a morning outing to the Turó Park gardens.
  • Day 21: Olympic Day. The students of 5th grade participate in the Olympic Day that will take place in the facilities of the Olympic Museum and Sport of Barcelona.
  • Day 21: Secondary closing ceremony. 2017-2018 year farewell ceremony. all students from 4th grade of ESO will participate. we expect you all there at 6 in the afternoon.
  • Day 22: Aquatic trip to “Illa Fantasia”All Primary and secondary students will enjoy their last school day of the year in the aquatic park facilities.
  • Day 22: Water games. The three Infant courses dismiss the course with water games in the schoolyard.
  • Day 28: Delivering grades day.  All teachers expect fathers and mothers’ visit to share their children 2017-2018 final grades. The schedule is from 9.30h  to 14.00h and from 15.30h to 18.00h. Year magazine will be delivered.

Important dates of May 2018

  • Day 3: Visit to the Olympic Museum. The students of 1st and 2nd ESO visit the facilities of the Olympic Museum and the Montjuïc Stadium.
  • Day 3: Health and Art Workshop. All the students in Early Childhood Education hold a health and art workshop in the Casal Urgell.
  • Day 4: Campaign “El país a l’escola”. Participation of 3rd grade students in the “Gran Ballada de sardanes” that will take place in the Cathedral square in Barcelona.
  • Day 6: Mile of the Holy Family. Primary and Secondary students are invited to participate in this athletic competition.
  • Day 8: School Council. All members of the School Board are summoned to the next meeting that will take place in the staff room at 5:15 p.m.
  • Days 8-10: Basic Competences. Application of the external test of competences and basic knowledge to all 6th grade students, in charge of the Higher Council of Evaluation of the Educational System of Catalonia.
  • Day 11: Information notes. The tutors of primary education deliver the information notes of the third quarter.
  • Day 14: The train of teaching. The students of 3rd ESO visit the facilities of the Railways of the Generalitat de Catalunya.
  • Day 15: The art of explaining stories. Animation activity for the 5th and 6th graders, in the CaixaForum space.
  • Day 17: Pica-so in l’Auditori. We invite you to discover the musical universe of one of the most brilliant painters of the 20th century. In the hands of Pablo Picasso. Students of 1st and 2nd Primary participate.
  • Day 22: Visit to the Museum of History of Catalonia. Activity programmed by the Department of Social Sciences for the students of 4th of ESO.
  • Day 31: Visit to Barcino. All students of the 1st ESO travel through time to know the origins of the city of Barcelona.
  • Day 31: Jocs Floral at the Eixample. A representation of students from all the courses attend the awards ceremony, “Jocs Florals de l’Eixample” at the Auditori.

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