Important dates of December 2018

Day 3: Workshop “Shtt”, about noise and silence, for students from P3 and P4. Day 3: Workshop “Aqualogia” at school. Students from 3rd and 4th  do this activity, organized by Aigües de Barcelona. Day 7: Day of free disposal. This day, the School Urgell will remain closed. Days 10

Important dates of September 2018

Days 3-4-5: Secondary school recovery tests. The four Secondary courses have the recovery tests corresponding to the September call. Days 3-14: Dining Grants. Second period of dining scholarship applications for 2018-2019. Day 6: School Council. The members of the School

June 2018. Important dates.

Day 5: Promotion of healthy habits. The students of the initial cycle of Primary do the workshop of Eating healthy is fun, where aspects related to food and physical exercise are worked on. Day 5: Visit of the Urban Guard. All