Important dates June 2019

Day Time Activity Course Place 4 Morning Biathlon 6th Picornell 5-7   Final Trip 6th Valencia 10   Free Day All – 1-11   Final Exams ESO – 11-13 17h Music Auditions Music School Church 12 and 17   Open

Important dates May 2019

Day 3: “Sardanes” next to the Cathedral. The students of 3rd grade will dance this catalan traditional dance next to the Barcelona’s Cathedral. Day 5: Mile of the “Sagrada Família“. The students of the school are invited to participate in this athletic competition.  Days 5-10: High School Trips. The students of 1st

Important dates April 2019

  Day 3: Know how the train works from inside. The students of 3rd ESO will go to the  main place of the Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat. Day 8: “Plan Maestro de Desarrollo Espiritual” Day. The students of the school will show altogether something related to the women in

Important dates March 2019

Day 4. Day of free disposal. The school will not open this day. Day 5. Excursion of Arts in the Rambla Catalunya. The students of 1st of ESO will draw two sculptures of Josep Granyer Days 7-19: Quarterly exams. The students of Secondary Education will face this second period of quarterly exams, that have moved slightly due to

Important dates February 2019

Day 7: Kantikipugui in the “Palau de la Música”. The students of 4th grade will do this musical activity with the Chamber Choir of the “Palau de la Música” (Palace of the Music). Day 8: Informative notes of Secundary. The students will receive their informative notes of academic